Bow Ties for your Pets, Who knew??

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This is something we have wanted to do for a long time, but weren't really quite sure which approach we wanted to take (bow tie attached to collar or something that attached to existing collar) or how they would be received.  I spent time talking to my pet owner friends and strangers alike and the consensus seemed to be that everyone has a collar for their pet already, so why not make it easy and just supply the bow tie or bow that simply attaches. Super cute for lady pets in front OR on the side at 10 or 2 o'clock.

After gathering research we decided to test the waters at Unique LA this past December.  We were nervous wondering how would they be received?  In an age where there are so many pet accessories would we be taking it too far?  Was the market already saturated with ideas?  The answer was most decidedly NO!  The best no we could have gotten.  Despite making more than we originally talked about we still SOLD OUT on the first day.  Don't be mistaken, there are no complaints here, that is the BEST type of problem to have.  The hubby and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching Christmas movies and churning out these adorable miniature bow ties and had a blast doing it :)  The next day we had the same response, and we are thrilled to get these rolling into production starting this month, they should be on the website very soon.

As always we love doing custom work so if you wanted a special tie for your furry friend for a special occasion, Valentines day ahem ahem!, or you want to include your pup in your wedding day and would love to match with the groomsmen, no problem.  We welcome any and all special requests. 


The best part about this journey is seeing pictures of all the pets looking ever so dapper in their bows and bow ties.  There are three sizes to choose from and are very easy to put on or remove. 

Oh, and one last thing, we will be doing a photo shoot soon in Los Angeles.  Do you, or anyone you know, have a fabulous pup that would like to participate??  Please comment below, we would love to include you!


Special thanks to Spencer, La Moosh, Luna, Buddy, Rosie and a few unnamed that are photographed above!

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  • Elizabeth

    You guys are great! We would love to include all your fabulous pooches, I’ll definitely keep you in the loop, and Rocco, we’ll just slide that bow tithe side and poof, a girlie bow :)
    Do you guys mind posting a photo of your dog/dogs on Brinko’s wall so I can make tied for them that I think match their personalities? Can’t wait!

  • Elle Anderson

    Hi! I have an adorable frenchie who would love to one of your models :) he’s a super hero named Bruce Wayne aka Batman! He’s very well behaved and loves clothing ❤️ Hope you guys are doing well!!

  • Maureen rose

    chase would love to model!! Xoxo love the idea!

  • twinanator

    i might by a pot belly pig just to put a bow tie on him/her!!!!!

  • Joel Loquvam

    Elizabeth – Gary and I have two white standard poodles if you are interested. George is an 8 year old and Howard is a 7 month old. Joel

  • Rocco

    my dog Roxy is a girl, but i’ll put her in a bow tie!


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