Brooches aren't dead!! -The history of brooches and what Brinko Ties is doing to make them relevant again.

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Brooches aren’t dead! They are just waiting for us to re-adapt to them. They have been around long before us and will be here after we are gone. Brinko Ties mission and vision is making them work for today’s women. They are art pieces that give one an avenue to self-express through accessories. So, here is some interesting history I have learned about these fabulous pieces. 

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Italy. Roma was one of our stops. Of course we took full advantage of this stop to learn as much as possible about ancient Roma. That being said, it does not surprise me at all that the Romans where the first to invent and rock some brooches.

The Romans landed in Whales in 48AD, and so did their fashion. According to an article written by the BBC, the British museum, trumpet brooches date back and span across the mid 1st until late 2nd Century AD. These brooches were used to decoratively link garments together.


Per the Hull Museums Collections “one of the most common discoveries at Roman sites in Britain are brooches. Evidently they come in many different types and are a very useful tool in helping date archaeological sites. The word fibula is Latin for brooch and is a common term used in archaeology”.


 Now let’s get to the fashion part of these brooch beauties. Brooches were introduced into Britain when the Romans invaded in 43 AD. They proved not to be a fad of fashion but a staple. This classic accessory stayed popular for the next few hundred years. An accessory that sticks for a few hundred years is hard to wrap our minds around, especially in this current fast paced and ever changing society. As the Brits and Roman’s taste in fashion changed so did the types and styles of their brooches. Not only were they fashionable but also functional and those two words are music to the ears. Brooches served as an indicator of ones status and so the type of brooch you wore could communicate your position in society. The Romans incorporated animals, birds and fish into the designs of their brooches.


Moving forward to modern day, brooches got a stigma that they are “old lady” or Grandma like accessories. That’s because our Grandmas were fabulous and fashionable in their youth. In the Daily Wild Cat newspaper article ‘Brooches aren’t just fashion statements for your Grandma anymore, by Alexandra Giroux, she explains how us women have a standard set of jewelry we wear everyday to accessorize. Unfortunately brooches, even more today are left behind. Alexandra uses the phrase, “try thinking outside the Jewelry box”. That is exactly what E & I are doing.

Elizabeth and I understand that today cotton and comfort is King/Queen. Our society doesn’t get as fancied up on a day-to-day basis like we used to. Just because we dress more comfortable and functional, doesn’t mean we can’t be fabulous at the same time!!! Elizabeth and I have been striving to give brooches a canvas that works for the women of today. Since they are somewhat of a lost art form we search for vintage brooches high and low. They just aren’t being made today with that same jena se que of yesteryear. Elizabeth and I hope to one-day in the very near future start designing and making brooches with the inspiration of yesteryear and the jena se que of today.

With a Brinko Lady tie you don’t even have to remove your brooch if you don’t want to. Which makes it even easier to bring back brooches in this fast paced world we live in today. We are going to share some pictures of some of our absolute favorite brooches we have come across over the past few years. Brinko Ties knows that brooches are rich with world history, unique pieces of art and deserved a new platform. So we gave it to them, thus the Original Lady Ties by Brinko Ties was born!!!!!!!!


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