Valentine's Day Advice, Avoid the Faux Pas

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Brinko Ties | 1 comment

It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and while we could use this blog to talk about how ties make great gifts, which everyone knows they do! ;)

We are instead going to talk about some Valentine's Faux Pas and how to avoid them... 


Chocolates and Candy

Mmmmmmmmm, so good right?  But have you considered if this will mess up, or even worse, completely derail your sweetheart's hard work and dedication at getting bathingsuit ready for your spring vacation?  Just keep that in mind when purchasing sweets, go for high quality chocolates or confections from a local bakery or confectioner but keep the quantity low.  Too much of a good thing can still be bad.  The last thing you want is your honey having a late night sweets binge and cursing your name after, just sayin'.

And for the love of all things sacred and holy do not, we repeat, DO NOT buy chocolates from any drugstore, convenient store or grocery store... especially if it comes attached to a teddy bear.  This just screams 'I completely forgot about Valentine's Day, so I made a pit stop on the way to see you.' 

Plan ahead.



While we certainly would never say not to buy flowers for Valentine's Day, we would highly recommend thinking outside of the box when it comes to the type of flowers you decide to symbolize your love... ahem, red roses.  If roses are a must, they are beautiful after all, consider mixing up the colors and/or shades, like an arrangement of varied pinks, wouldn't that be sweet?  (Save the red roses for a random Tuesday...this will only benefit you we swear!)

We also love the idea of branching out entirely.  Lilies are not only beautiful but fragrant, calla lilies are perfect for the modern type, sunflowers are cheery especially in these winter months, the list goes on and on so don't stop there.  We're sure your local florist would love to work with you for some out of the box ideas, especially during this time of year.  And that brings us back to box stores...it's not that you can't, but you really shouldn't make this your floral destination if you can avoid it.  Support local business, they will thank you and your honey will definitely notice too, we guarantee it.


Going out to Eat

There are two days a year that you should avoid going out to eat at all costs, we can't stress this enough.  These two would be Ding Ding! Valentine's of course and also, Mother's Day.  (We will only address Vday here, as is the point of the article, but we're sure you can let your imagination wander when it comes to the latter.)  On this day you are but a number in a LONG line of couples that are rotating in and out of your server's station, and they are likely not thrilled with the check average.  The kitchen staff is also going to be completely overworked, churning out your dinner in order to get to the next two-top, in the conveyor belt of dining that is Valentine's Day.  Instead this could be your chance to buy the nice bottle of wine, pull out your culinary skills to impress your significant other or perhaps an even more fun idea, cook dinner together.


I think we've hit all the major faux pas of Valentine's Day and we hope to have been of help! 

Remember, these are things you may not want to hear but we promise if you follow these tips it will save you grief in the long run and will ultimately lead to a better holiday.  That's, after all, what we care about most and we don't mind being the tough guy.  If you're still looking for something to add to it we would love to send a tie to your Love with special packaging, available just for Valentine's Day!  Visit us @ www.BrinkoTies.com 

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    ahem. I now have my marching orders!!!!!!!! I CAN DO ALL OF THIS!!!!


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