Do You Know Who Lives Next Door??

Posted on February 22, 2014 by Brinko Ties | 0 comments

Being from the south where it seemed like everyone knew everything about everyone I would have said, 100% yes.  Perhaps too much information was known by your neighbors.  However living now in Los Angeles, this is a much different story.  Don't get me wrong, I love living in a big city and wouldn't have it any other way.  It's just that people are either too busy, or just don't care to engage at home where they can be anonymous. 

And I understand that frame of mind but let me propose something, wouldn't it be nice to have a platform for a guided and monitored neighborly experience.  Where you can meet neighbors and get to know your community without having to attend a Neighborhood Council meeting? 

Let me introduce Next Door, a free and private social network for neighborhoods. 


And if you would like to read some info about them, https://nextdoor.com/newsroom/

They are backed by major players, ie google and many more, and their goal is to make your neighborhood experience more enriched, like finding trustworthy local resources through neighbor's recommendations, report crime, organize neighborhood events, get assistance finding lost pets, or even reporting on a bobcat siting...that's right, a bobcat siting.  This one had to be my favorite for my neighborhood so far.  I've seen deer, coyotes, skunks and racoons of course, but had no idea bobcats were lurking around, on front steps no less.


The point is this.  It's so easy in a city like Los Angeles to become isolated in one's own bubble, blissfully uninvolved because you feel like you are but a small number in a sea of humans.  Our county is the most populous in the country and has more inhabitants than 42 states, that's roughly 10 million people in a county that's approximately 4,000 square miles.  But one of the most beautiful things about LA is that there are so many little pockets, little neighborhoods, so you can truly tailor your living experience by what type of community you want and what is most important to you, ie walkability, square footage, proximity to hiking or the beach, etc. 

The thing is that I think we secretly do care about our communities, we just are intimidated to get involved.  But I challenge that train of thought and suggest that this is one of the most important aspects of your living environment.  Being able to engage in your surroundings, not standing on the sidelines and letting life happen, but truly occupying.  After all, this is how every single person that has relocated to Los Angeles has chosen to live their life.  There are rarely any bystanders here.  It takes courage to make this move and an even braver soul to make it work.  So applying that attitude to where you live will only make the experience that much sweeter and ultimately you, more happy.  And isn't that what we all want and strive for?  We may not all be blessed with families but we are all members of a community, and they take work and nurturing too.  

So I say give it a shot, what do you have to lose?  You may just end up meeting some amazing people and having a new found appreciation for the place in which you live.  And now I'm off in search of a bobcat... 

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