Shop Small Saturday 11/30/2013!

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We are excited to be participating in the American Express Shop Small Movement this year and wanted to take a minute to talk about why it's so important to support local business.  Don't get us wrong, we love to shop at places like Target, and I'm a sucker for a Nordstrom experience but when you think about the boutique around the corner, dutifully opening it's doors, trying to provide a unique product for it's neighboring communities, it is difficult to answer why you wouldn't support such a venture. 

Really it's nothing more than altering your habits, we go to these places because it's both easy and familiar while Mom and Pop shops require more effort.  It seems in today's culture we are exceedingly hesitant to communicate with those we encounter in the physical world and prefer to keep our eyes glued to a screen, passively engaged in a virtual existence.  Big Box stores almost encourage this type of behavior because employees seem aloof and are just present for the paycheck.  I can't say that I am without fault here but it begs the question,

         What happened to actively engaging in your surroundings?   

     Taking the extra time and effort to shop small and locally can    actually be ...REWARDING.                                                                       

The benefits here are many, from added relationships where new friends become like family, to a shopping experience that is TAILORED to your likes and dislikes because someone CARES about your preferences.  My husband and I have been lucky to experience this with our ever growing relationship at our local wine store, K and L.  When we go, which admittedly is quite often, we are greeted with hellos and hugs, free wine tastings (when others have to pay) and invited to backyard barbeques that only a privileged few are privy to.  This is just one small example but you get the point and with small business on the rise the possibilities for experiences like this are endless.

We can all do our part and make a commitment to take the extra time and effort to shop small and shop local, where the experience you receive, as well as knowing you're helping to keep a business alive, will undoubtedly prove beneficial ...and with the added bonus of avoiding long lines and grumpy cashiers :) 

If you live in Los Angeles do yourself a favor and say hello to the incredibly friendly and helpful gang at

K and L Wines                      

1400 Vine Street

Hollywood, CA 90028

You'll receive a friendly face from all but we are particularly fond of    Mr. Steve Greer...he's the BEST!


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