Bonjour Monsieur Groundhog!

Posted on February 04, 2013 by Brinko Ties | 0 comments

 Mr. Ground Hog has spoken and spring will make a much anticipated early appearance, which is great news! This means you can start rockin' your spring looks even sooner, including your Brinko Ties of course!! : )
We have officially released our new collection and they are available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure on our website @ www.BrinkoTies.com

We have also put our Debut Collection on sale!! Our debut collection was our first effort and has lots of unique prints that stretch across all seasons. All of the women's ties will be $25.00 and the men's bow ties are $20.00! 

Elizabeth and I have just returned from our first trip to America's Mart in Atlanta and we are thrilled to have introduced Brinko Ties to the southeast market. We are very optimistic and excited about 2013 and have been doing a lot of planning to propel Brinko Ties further into the marketplace.  But it has all started with our first fans and we can't thank you for your interest and support.  Please tell your friends and family about us as we rely and take pride on word of mouth praise.  We completely understand if you are one of those who likes to keep really good secrets to yourself but if that's you, at least hook your friends and family up with a tie so they stop coveting yours :))) 

Many Blessings to you all in 2013, may it be your Best Year Yet!


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