How To Tie A Bow Tie

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So many of you have been saying that You <3 Bow Ties but don't know how to tie them.  We have been wanting to make our own video but haven't had the time so I'm turning things over to an expert.  This video is outstanding and the guy leading the instructional video's voice reminds me of home.  So for now, enjoy the words of Lucky Levinson from Brittons of Columbia and get ta tyin!  


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The Artistic Journey

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In an excerpt from the book Woven by the Grandmothers: Nineteenth-Century Navajo Textiles from the National Museum of the American Indian, I find a beautiful parallel.


To make something that is perfect means there is no more room for improvement. . . . If a weaver weaves a perfect rug, . . . she makes a little mistake on purpose—an imperfection. Often we see a little line, which the Navajo call a spirit line, that extends to the edge of a rug through the border. This line is added by the weaver so the rug will not be perfect.” This wonderful attitude toward human acts of creation, so antithetical to typical Western notions, is not only characteristic of, but crucial to, the way Native people think about what we call “art.” As beautiful and masterful as are the Navajo textiles you will see and read about in Woven by the Grandmothers, it is not so much the works themselves that are significant, but rather the process that led to their creation. In the Native universe, the object has always been a secondary consideration to the primacy of the ritual process itself.-Contributor Harry Walters.

This is how we see our art. Each woman’s tie that we make has a real vintage brooch that has been worn by women before you.  Some brooches have slight imperfections, some don’t. Some of the brooches look like they never had a chance to live, but stayed locked up in a jewelry box or a closet. However the brooches that did live, graced women’s scarves, hats, blouses and suits. Elizabeth and I choose them with all their slight imperfections on purpose. It is the journey and process that sculpts the intangible beauty of art. These brooches and ties not only include the journey of Elizabeth and I but the journey they took before they came to us. 

I find it fitting to have come upon a book called Woven by the Grandmothers because Brinko Ties is at the very beginning of something woven by Grandma Maria. Brinko Ties artistic process encompasses the pilgrimage of the people in all our lives that have shaped us, loved and encouraged us. We are now passing this along, to be part of someone else’s adventure. 


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First Post

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Ahhhh the joys of setting up your own website, I've only contemplated running into traffic 5 times, and I'm thinking this number is relatively low for all the drama ;) 

But really, this is so exciting...it never ceases to amaze me how long it actually takes to accomplish things. Whether it's day to day stuff like getting all the errands done on your list or completing an order of bow ties....the bottom line is: things always take longer than you anticipate and this website is no exception.  But the finish line is soooooo close!  And it feels so good.  Years of dreaming and hard work have come down to this moment and at the end of it, I can say I have a whole new appreciation for web design...so glad to be done with this portion of creating a business, really excited to get back to the fun part, creating things with my hands.

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