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When thinking about love and ties, it took me a minute to link them together for the purposes of a blog. While Valentines Day can at times feel like a hokey holiday designed to buy chocolate and things we don’t need. It has a good message. It is a day to celebrate love. Unfortunately we are busy, busy, and busy with our day to day lives and sometimes we just forget to take a day, an evening, a gesture, a gift, a text, or even a genuine and simple touch to communicate to those most important to us that they are loved and needed. It doesn’t have to be your sweetheart and Valentines Day shouldn’t make you feel depressed if you don’t have a “sweetheart”. After all Valentines Day is a holiday stemming from St. Valentine, who’s mission was not making those without a spouse feel depressed because they didn’t get chocolate and a Hallmark greeting card once a year.


So, back to ties and love, the ties I speak of are metaphorical. Love is what ties us together as human beings. It holds friendships, marriages, siblings, parents, children and every other relationship firmly together. Love conquers all, love endures all and love is a mystery. It’s a word we use and practice but don’t really understand how it works, until you see it manifest in some form in your life. As human beings we are flawed and do our best to practice love but it is flawed, as is everything in this world. However what is amazing is that we keep loving and we keep searching for more love to give and to fill our lives with. We all love differently and we all love different people for different reasons. So while Valentines day is hokey and filled with lots of candy, flowers and cards it is a celebration of love and while we should be celebrating that gift everyday it is nice that we have one day set aside just for love.




Happy Valentines Day,


Love Brinko Ties!


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