Our Story


Brinko Ties is the joint effort of Bethany Brinko and Elizabeth Sutherlin who were inspired by fashion designer, collector and grandmother, Maria Victoria Brinko. Maria was born and raised in New York City where she was a woman before her time and was always thinking about fashion in a smart way.

In an age when men dominated the scene, Maria was studying at FIT, furthering her career in fashion.  Never satisfied with the ordinary, Maria took old ideas and made them new, wearing men’s ties accentuated with sparkling brooches. From a young age Bethany and her grandmother shared a strong and unique bond. Bethany would beg her to tell her stories of her time in New York, and was inspired by Maria’s strength, skill, innovation and creativity.

When Bethany and Elizabeth were introduced they were in college, fashion was their first connection. Bethany was wearing one of her Grandma Maria’s pieces and Elizabeth immediately inquired about it. That was the conversation that started a long friendship, and now a business partnership. Bethany and Elizabeth took Maria’s courage and creativity and turned it into something truly made for women, a woman’s tie, structured like a necklace and each accentuated by a handpicked vintage brooch. A deliberately chosen button serves as the closure both for aesthetics and ease of wear, making this more of a hybrid between a tie, a scarf and a necklace. The business also now expands to include a revolutionary take on classic men's neck wear by thoughtfully incorporating new fabrics to bring a fresh face to traditional style.  Brinko Ties continues to grow and now offers bow ties for kids and pets alike, both are huge hits and more accessories are on the way. 

Grandma Maria has since passed away but her spirit carries on. Now Elizabeth and Bethany are bringing to fruition a blended vision of three women. We hope you like it, and know that each tie is it’s own piece of art made just for you, proudly, in the USA.



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